15th #itslisbon2023 congress

We will be busy at the 15th #itslisbon2023 congress: THE GAME CHANGER by ERTICO – ITS Europe! Make sure to look us up.

⚡️22-24 May 2023 – find us at the ASFINAG booth A2 At The Main Exhibition Floor: Gottfried Allmer on behalf of ESRIUM will be there to answer your questions.

⚡️24 May 2023 at 10.30 CET – room 5B – join us for the special interest session #67: ´Data value chains and road-wear maps: benefits for road operators and users´ moderated by Dr. Loha Hashimy the Senior Innovation Manager at ENIDE.

This panel discussion will bring together experts from ESRIUM (represented by Matthias Rüther), GAMMS-H2020 (represented by Silvère LAMY), ASFINAG (represented by Gottfried Allmer), OMICRON H2020 (represented by Noemi Jimenez-Redondo), Evolit Consulting GmbH (represented by Michael Weilguny), NNG LLC (represented by András Csepinszky) to discuss the digitalization of road infrastructure and the data value chain. The speakers will discuss cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the development of infrastructure digital twins, building HD maps with AI, EGNSS localization, and how AI is used for decision support and maintenance.